Hello from the other side…


Lets be friends. Myself, Divya Agrawal, you might have heard that name… Nah..😅 

Sorry. Lame joke. ( For my international viewers, watch Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge! You all will love it.) 

Back to the topic. I created this blog (after so many fight with myself) to share my love for books and movies and… It won’t end. 😂 

Some basic things about me..

  1. I am from India.  
  2. I’m a dental student in her first year. 
  3. Love to write. (You actually can find my creations on wattpad.) 
  4. Stuck in between coffe and tea.(I love tea but coffee is soo addicting too!) 
  5. For the love of life, I can’t stand any romance still loves to read it. 

And.. That’s it. I don’t have much to say. 😅😥


In the name of Lord, I call all of you book junkies (and other can work too) to join me for the roller-coaster rides, of totally insane fangirling/fanboying. 

Goodbye. See you all soon. 😇 

Wait, wait, wait! 

Important: Want to know more about me and see my crazy posts? 

Follow me on Instagram : @celebrity.reads


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