Unrequited by Anna Harris.
Publication Date : 24 June 2016

It’s about a girl Eve Hoffman who lost lost her father. Still in high school, she meets a boy, Shannon Stevens and sparks erupts. But as in every story their is a villain who wants her for himself. Eve soon caught up herself in a dangerous mess which will teach her a dark lesson.

have it’s kindle version and man! I was so……

Let’s get started!

Cover : It is okay. Nothing much.


Plot : An innocent, wrecked girl seeking out  for love.. Quite common.


Writing : Hmmm,  I was pretty impressed. She is totally capable of writing something great but only lacks imagination. It was her writing only that kept me reading though.


Overall rating : 7/10

Frankly, it is a novella that I don’t have much to say about. One thing though, don’t have the kindle edition unless it has been corrected. Their were typos and weird paragraph spacing that was so infuriating, will lead you  to drop it down. I have already contacted author related to that. Hope it will be corrected soon. Read it for a fun and one time read. Nothing too special


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