The Angels of Morgan Hill

The Angels of Morgan Hill by Donna VanLiere. 
Publication Date : 12 October 2012

Blurb from Goodreads :You might think that what you’re about to read has a great deal to do with my father and growing up poor in east Tennessee, but there is so much more–what captured my heart was the hope of belonging and the dream of family.  The woman I am has a great deal to do with that ninth year of my life.  It started out as any other year, nothing extraordinary, but as each day unfolded it became remarkable in every way.  There are times when I’m still amazed we made it through.  It has been said that every life has a story.  This is my story…–From the Prologue

 Jane Gable thinks 1947 will be like every other year in Morgan Hill, Tennessee but but it’s the year everything changes.  Jane first lays eyes on young Milo Turner the day that her abusive, alcoholic father is buried in the Morgan Hill cemetery. The Turners are the first black family ever to move into the area, and while their presence challenges the comfort of many in the small, tight-knit community, Jane and her brother, John, have found new friends.  

 Then tragedy strikes the Turner household, and the Gable family is asked to make a decision that could rip their world apart. One path might open up a whole new world and bring them closer than ever.  Or it might bring them nothing but trouble and heartache.  On their journey, Jane discovers that angels are all around us, every day, in the most extraordinary–and ordinary–ways.

 The Angels of Morgan Hill is filled with unforgettable characters who show us the ways and means of the heart and prove that even in the darkest hours, we are never truly alone. 

Cover page : It gives a pleasant countryside’s view.


Plot : I loved the plot. It portraits vividly the racism. How peoples’ narrow mind can lead to destruction of so many innocent life. How even the people we love dearly can be the very cause of our sadness, that when they die we refuse to shed a single tear.


Writing : I loved her writing. It was simple and to the point. It was full of emotions. I read it in single sitting.


Character development : It is a kind of story in which every character develops in a phase. Jane, her Mom… everyone. Each character’s story is told beautifully.


Overall : It is a great book that I recommend everyone. Told beautifully, remarkable story.



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