Accidental Detective Book #5 

Accidental Detective Book #5 by Kate Benitez

Publication Date : 19 August 2016

Blurb from Goodreads : Sizzling Hot Romantic Mystery! 

Private detectives, Leo and Anneliese, love the thrill of the investigation. They take on the weirdest of cases for Boston’s rich and famous at his elite agency. No one outwits them for long. 

Hired by some of Leo’s old friends to pose as a couple at an exclusive Martha’s Vineyard beach retreat has got to be one of their strangest cases yet. 
But things take an unexpected turn when they are forced to confront their feelings and their past. Can they put it behind them and solve the crime? 

Cover Page : As you might know by now, I hardly give a second thought to cover pages with models. 


Plot : It was okay. I liked the steamy romance though. After long waiting, they finally got together. 


Writing : Author writes so profoundly. I liked her way of describing those awkward love moments so easily. In it’s previous volumes, the cases she wrote were deliberately amazing. 


Overall : It is good, fun read and can also act as stand alone novel ( according to me). But yeah, read previous ones first to have a clear picture of exact theme. 



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