The ill-kept Oath by C. C. Aune

The ill-kept Oath by C. C. Aune 

Publication Date : 27 September 2016

Blurb from Goodreads :      

Two cousins. A dark family secret. A looming rebellion.

In Regency England, a mysterious inheritance draws Prudence Fairfeather and Lady Josephine Weston out of candlelit ballrooms and into the shadows of insurrection.
A newcomer to London society, Prudence longs for the enchantment of love and instead finds real magic in her late mother’s ring. But power brings peril, and strange mishaps culminate in an assassin’s bullet. Ensnared by the web of a malevolent socialite, Prudence forsakes romance to fight for her freedom.
Josephine fears an eternity of confined country life until rampaging trolls, a gang of drunken vigilantes, and a flirtatious officer bring her all the adventure she craves. Compelled by birthright to take up arms, she embraces her newfound, unladylike abilities to shield her loved ones from harm.
As danger drives a wedge through their friendship, Josephine and Prudence must face their magical legacy and the enemy who will kill to control them.

Cover page : Everything related to the book were  kept in mind while making this beautiful cover page. Each and every remnants of the events happened in the book can be seen in the cover page. 


Plot :  I seriously adored the plot. The synchrony it had and the way it was postulated. You won’t be able to keep it down after reading it for once. I still keep on re-reading it. 😍 


Writing : 

The Inheritance, has reawakened in our people. 
In accordance with oath, all three children live in ignorance of their blood legacy. 


Overall : It was a desperate read. The vivid description and oh-so-beautifully described will make you stutter on your own world. I kept the oath near me in accordance to the second book which I am waiting for to release. The two girls are enchanted with love and passion. They are inscribed in the oathly manner. Everything happened was for a reason. Though I did liked Josephine more, Prudence had her own magic.

 And wait! Don’t forget our Darcy! Prudence had her own! And Josephine well, she had her lieutenant! 😁💟



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