The Prince’s Plan by E.M. Youman 

The Prince’s Plan by E.M. Youman 

Publication Date : 7th of February 2017

Publication : Will Records Publishing 

Blurb :    She can’t trust him…or her desire for him.

Marnie Ducello is way past second chances. Most days she’s fighting to forget the past and stay sober—a combination she doesn’t always pull off. She’s done waiting for Prince Charming. So when a sexy stranger turns out to be an arrogant, cab-stealing jerk, Marnie isn’t surprised. If only her rash reaction to his rudeness hadn’t resulted in her arrest…

Singer Danny Roland is no prince. He has fame, fortune, and a not-so-hidden addiction. He’s running from memories of the lives he’s ruined. Keeping his personal demons under control and out of the tabloids is what Danny wants more than anything. After a simple drug deal goes very wrong, Danny decides to make karmic amends—by finding the woman he abandoned to the police. Marnie’s a recovering addict, too, so he offers her the deal of a lifetime: a job as his personal assistant and a safe space in his home to live in if she stays sober.

Marnie is soon swept up into Danny’s world of prying paparazzi and vengeful exes. She can’t help the burning attraction between them, but she can’t trust Danny—or herself. And when Danny’s brother begins to pursue her, Marnie and Danny must both come to terms with the painful secrets that haunt them. They’re both broken…but maybe together they can be unbreakable. 

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                                 Review : 

Cover Page :  I loved it. It’s simple and reassemble the book. 


Plot : Don’t let the title confuse you! The plot is amazing! Sure their is a prince(with a plan) but more than that . It flows steadily without jumping on the conclusions or should I say ending the book in just the first chapter . 


Writing : 

  • “No one is entitled to anything. Everything we get in this life we have worked for. And sometimes we take on baggage we never even signed up for, but that dosen’t mean you deserve it. I wake up everyday wishing I could change things, but I can’t change past. All I can do is change the future.”
  • “I don’t know what happened, but I do know this. It’s not going anywhere. When you light up it waits for you to come down. You have to confront whatever’s bothering you and look it straight in the eye. It’s alright to forgive yourself, and it’s okay to fight back, because if you don’t kick the shit out of it, then it kicks you. It’s a dog world, but you can control it, if you want to. A lot of people are going to try to make you feel like shit, but that doesn’t mean you are. You are who you decide to be. I hope you’re the kind of person that fights, because that’s the only way to win.”


Overall : It is a New Adult novel so have to expect some sexual scenes . But what I didn’t expected was such in depth story of addiction . I have not read many books related to this topic but I was glad I did and my first is from her. IT IS NOT A LIGHT READ.  You’ll have to clear your mind before starting it. It’ll make you laugh and cry at the same time. 

From the title we expect some romantic Sizzling story but it is far from that. Their is romance but with conditions apply.  I recommend it to everyone who wants read something else than a regular romance read. :)(^o^)



            ****About the Author :****

E. M. Youman lives in the warm part of California. She loves dark chocolate and is a macaroni and cheddar cheese junkie. When she’s not writing a sexy tear jerker she can be found with her nose in a book or doing a Netflix marathon of her favorite TV series. Some of her short stories have been published by The Bowman’s Inn, Black Cat Press, S/tick Magazine and IFF. The Prince’s Plan is her first novel.


**Received the book from Author . Thank you ! 🙂 **


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