The Forgotten Fairytales by Angela Parkhurst

The Forgotten Fairytales by Angela Parkhurst

Publication Date : 04 February 2014

Blurb from Goodreads : A psychotic, couture-clad, shoe obsessed Princess.

A not-so-charming, alcoholic Prince.

A hot Big Bad Wolf that she absolutely cannot fall for—no matter how well he kisses.

Seventeen-year-old, Norah Hart had no clue when she walked into boarding school, she’d be surrounded by reincarnated fairy tale characters, let alone learn she was one herself. In a world where the lines between good and evil blur, Norah struggles to find her place. When her actions throw off the balance of the fairy tale world and happily ever afters, enemies surface, ready to destroy her at any cost.

                             Review : 

Cover Page : It’s messed up . You can’t see anything clear and conclude it. 


Plot: Well it was something I didn’t expected. The plot was like none other. I very much enjoyed it. The story flows awesomely. 


Writing : 

  • After every rainfall there’s a rainbow because rainbows are a promise. A promise that there will always be a light in the darkness. That’s why they are too beautiful to overlook. 
  • That’s the tragedy of fairytales. The whole world puts them on a pedestal. People want their lives to be magical, but what people don’t understand is that happiness is sacrificed. There is so much more to the story than what is written. In Cinderella you think she’s unfortunate with her mean sisters and stepmom. You think she deserves a happy ending with a prince, but the twenty page journey is all you see. You learn little about who she is. What if Cinderella’s just a good actress who has everyone fooled, when really, she sucks. 


Overall : This book really deserves more popularity than it have. More reviews. The book is splendid in its own way. The Fairytales wicked yet surprising concept is something we don’t get to see. I loved this book so very much! 

Although Big bad Wolf is not my fav but he is something . 😋 I’m fawning at this book right now. 



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