Game of Anarchy by Kenneth Jones

Game of Anarchy by Kenneth Jones 

Publication Date : 26 July 2016 

Blurb from Goodreads:    Rita, a reputed investigative journalist. Her life revolves around exposing corrupt politicians and their schemes. 
Raghav, a young business tycoon has all he wants in life. He pulls strings in the corridors of power. 

Samar, a highly decorated officer of the Indian Army is disenchanted with the system. 

The three highly motivated friends since college want one thing – India’s name to be etched in glory. 
But their ideologies are poles apart. When their paths cross amidst chaos and anarchy which has gripped the entire nation, it is a concoction too powerful to contain. 
Random killings take place when Rita stumbles upon a terrible plan. There is even an attempt on her life. Someone wants her dead… badly. Eventually a Maoist Leader, Head of RAW and ISI Director get entangled in the mess. In the backdrop of misgovernance and scams, extremism, lawlessness and government ineptitude, their actions will decide the fate of the entire subcontinent outside the borders. 
Is there something more sinister lurking behind the façade that Rita discovers? What role does Raghav and Samar play in bigger scheme of things and how does it go on to redefine geo-political situation in the entire subcontinent?


Cover page: I am not fan of that cover page. It could have been more and better. 


Plot: Have I ever read a novel based on politics? No. Have I ever gave a novel like this a five star read on goodreads? No, till I read this. The plot is super catchy with, 

  • Mystery 
  • Adventures 
  • Action 
  • Patriotism 
  • Politics 
  • Thriller 



  • Now replacing push-ups with pull-ups, he reached zero, BAM! BAM! BAM! Three more shots hit the target in a different direction this time. 
  • There is a limit, like a rubber which stretched beyond a point loses its elasticity, so much so that things are never the same again . 


Overall:  I was thrilled just after reading first two chapters. It was like I have to complete it no matrer what. The descriptions are so vivid and relatable. The whole plot mainly focuses on Indian politics and it’s dark side which was true to the point. In between dialogues the use of native language, hindi, was also mesmerising. I really liked that. 

My favourite character is Rita from the book. I just love her. I loved how passionate and brave she was to stand against everything she thought was wrong. It is a great book for readers looking for new mystery/adventure/action with a massive tint of politics . 🙂 


Kenny is that typical middle class Indian guy whose life was chalked out before him by his parents. Right from childhood his parents had the dream that their son will either become a doctor or an engineer. He has been able to superbly squash that dream by not clearing either AIEEE or AIPMT.

When all hopes seemed lost, a ray of light in the form of Biotechnology came to his rescue. Biotech was in vogue and the next best rage in the country in the field of biosciences after being an actual dcotor. No one actually knows what a bio-technologist in India does except cleaning petri-dishes and auto-claving them in pharmaceutical companies. But anyway, then the second rage came to his aid – the magical 3 letter degree known as “MBA” that every Tom, Dick and Harry nowadays possess.

The MBA landed him a job in an IT company where he works now.

So in short, Kenny is a Bio-technologist with an MBA in marketing working in an IT company as a Consultant – now writing novels as his hobby and interest! Does it make sense?

Kenny was also an Indian Civil Service aspirant for few years, that helped broaden his horizon and appreciate the way governance works.

So what prodded Kenny to turn into a novelist? 2 things – his genes and his job :: Genes because love for literature courses through his veins. He grew up literally reading all sorts of novels in 3 different languages – a bonus to be born in India… He was and still is a voracious reader and learnt to appreciate the stories and how the authors were able to transport him into their dream world. Hence, despite being a good overall student, humanities always attracted Kenny more than science. Eventually, he decided ed to turn his passion into hobby… and here he is with his debut novel “Game of Anarchy”!

Currently, he is working on his second project (Click Here for the Teaser Excerpt)- A novel, that takes the reader through his journey of civil service preparation, the quirks and intricacies of preparation through lens of satire, that should resonate with all civil service aspirants – past, present and future.

Wish him luck!


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