Live-in with a ghost by Kritika Sharma 

Live-in with a ghost by Kritika Sharma 

Publication Date:   30 September 2015

Blurb from Goodreads:  Jia & Jai have a unique love story where she is human and he is a ghost. They meet during an out-of-body experience after an accident. Although from different worlds, she is simple middle-class journalist and he is a rich playboy, they fall in love instantly. During the adventure of their relation they both go through various exciting events which include tears, laughter, love and even fighting-off goons. Throughout their relation, the only thing Jia fears is what if he wakes up and forgets her. And in the end of the story he does wake up but if he remembers her is yet to be known…

                                             AMAZON IN




Cover page: Very reason for me to have it! It is so beautiful(if you can see what I can see :p ). 

Plot: It was nothing new to me, perks being a wattpader. You can find millions of book like this- ghost and human romance. Still it had it’s uniqueness that I didn’t  saw in any other book with this concept .:) 


I don’t know when I  fell in love with him, sometimes I think it was at first sight or when he negan confiding in me, but I know I don’t love him for his money or looks, it’s because how he is as a person and what he means to me as a friend. I love him madly. 


Overall: Live-in with a ghost is a book depicting the romance of a ghost and a human. What was unique in this book was, in many books when a ghost can see and can be touched by a human it means they can touch their clothes also even though it is written that ‘she/he can  touch he/she who is a human.’ But in this book author was vivid in writing. She wrote they  can touch means can  only touch each other’s body no clothes, nothing. Even if the  human is wearing clothes ghost can touch only his or her body. 🙂 

Well this book is a good one time read and for whom who love paranormal romance. 🙂 




                                      AUTHOR’S BIO: 

Kritika is an enthusiast writer, reviewer, blogger and Senior Manager in a leading Market research company and is currently based in Mumbai.


Her passions lie in cooking, writing and reading. Apart from family and work, she spends most of her time reading different fantasy stories and she has eventually ended up building up one of her own. Kritika is also a singer and loves to write poems for varied occasions.

Follow her on Twitter: @authorkritika

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*I received this book from the author . Thank you! 🙂 *


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