The THC under a Gibbous Moon By Manoj V Jain



The THC By Manoj V Jain

Publication Date: 23rd October 2016

Blurb from Goodreads:     Now look at the person in the mirror and tell her that you love her.”

Sanjaneka stared and stared, unable to utter the simple words aloud.

Why is Sanjaneka unable to love herself? What past is she running away from?

How does an Uber ride help Samar to save his marriage?

Why does the dull moonlight of a gibbous moon trouble Varun so much?

Three lives. One Utopian centre.

The Total Holistic Centre (The THC) welcomes the broken and those looking for closure through its doors and works its magic to return them to the world fulfilled. This is the story of these three troubled souls who seek solace at the centre, indulge in its unusual treatment and find the cures to their ailments in surprising places.

A book on loss, longing and changing circumstances, The THC dives into uncomfortable topics that are usually swept under the rug: fragile relationships, deteriorating marriages, addictions, impotence, and the delicate bond between fathers and sons.





Cover Page: It’s that kind of cover page that lures you to the book. It did that to me. It shows three people staring at a gibbous moon, it’s the story of those three people-friends.



Plot: Well, the concept was great but I can’t say the same for the plot. To me it was really like a massive junk of sexual inflicts put in together to make it more interesting.




  • Candles have a magical quality; they are mystical and healing, they give light and warmth  in small doses. They make people more sharing and receptive, and maybe a little more honest.
  • My father passed away when he was well into his eighties. His death hit me a few months after he actually passed away. I think of him often and less indifference now that he is gone. Do dads have to die to be relevant?



Overall:  I am clear about this book that I didn’t liked it except writing.

There are many things I didn’t like or should I say hatted about this book.

Author is an Adult fiction writer. It’s his second book. As you have read from blurb that it is about three souls who are fed up from life and its lies. Though if you read only Varun’s story would seem genuine at least to me. Samar had a problem of impotency and smoke addict while Sanjaneka was troubled by a failed marriage and her other sexual encounters. They both perform adultery many times, though they still speak of guilt and all. While I thought it would solve their problem after their treatment it only became unbearable for me to read. At ending they had their goodbyes in a way you might have guessed now.

Also, there is a scene where Samar is remembering his adult talk with is friend how they cheated their wives and performed adultery several times while he speaks his voice in a way to keep him away from guilt. See, I’ve read many Adult novels so I know when a plot turns into a callous naturally. I know this a daily practice of individuals daily but there are more ways to put it right. I am not offended but disappointed. If you read this book you will know how good with words is the author.



*Recieved this story from The Tales Pensieve in exchange of a honest review. Thanks.:)*




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