Guest Post||Inca Cat Series by R.F. Kristi


Christmas Cats by R.F. Kristi (Inca book series)

Published in 2016

About the book: 

Six books associated with the escapades of Inca the Siberian kitty are planned.

Kristy has already completed two picture books under the titles:

“The Cats Who Crossed Over From Paris” – volume one of the ‘Inca Cat Series’, embroils readers in the escapades of a cross-continental furry family as they leave their native France for the UK for a spot of detective prowess.

“Christmas Cats” – This second installment in the Inca Cat series is a detective story full of intrigue and deception. A human friend has been lost for some time—a tip that might lead to his recovery has taken the dog detective Terrance and his human co-detectives on a wild adventure in the Himalayas.  Closer to home, the remaining cats must deal with the possible wrongful eviction of a fellow pet’s owner. Told from Inca’s perspective, the story takes several surprising twists and turns and highlights the importance of giving second chances.

The third in this series, ‘Cats in Provence’ is due to be launched sometime in February 2017. Inca & Company, the detective agency headed by the adventure loving Inca will hunt an art thief in Provence and Paris, France.

The forth will probably be centered in London, but thoughts for the fifth book, to be based in Asia, are germinating.

Christmascats Amazon | Catcrossedoverparis Amazon

Author’s Bio: 

R.F. Kristy, the author of the Inca Cat Series lives in Paris, France. She holds a doctorate in economic development and has worked for various international organization. Kristy has traveled and lived in many countries around the globe.  She is fluent in English and French.

With a deep commitment to animal rescue efforts, Kristy has a keen interest and love for animals. She created the Inca Cat Series for younger readers, up to age 8 or 12 and also pet lovers in general and to cat lovers, in particular.

Inca the Siberian kitty, the main character, exemplifies the intelligence and cunning of our feline friends and is a sure-footed and strong-willed leader. Readers will surely admire Inca’s grace and wit as they follow the detective cat’s adventures in these unexpected tales of redemption.

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Why writing an animal book?

Kristy writes out of the passion she feels for animals.

She believes that a children’s story should be multifaceted:  A fun read that would encourage young minds to love reading. It should also serve as a learning tool to introduce vocabulary development, exposure to different cultures and varied subjects; and above all foster the love of animals.

It is hoped that the Inca Cat series will gradually gain a wider reading audience which would allow proceeds of book sales to be donated to animal rescue efforts globally, particularly in developing countries.

Kristi decided to giveaway one of her book ‘Christmas Cats’ in giveaway as a ebook. 

Open Internationally.


Christmas Cats ebook giveaway

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