Waking in Time by Angie Stanton


Waking in Time by Angie Stanton

Publication Date: 1st March 2017

Blurb from Goodreads: 

Still mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother and shaken by her mysterious, dying request to “find the baby,” Abbi has just arrived at UW Madison for her freshman year. But on her second day, she wakes up to a different world: 1983. That is just the first stop on Abbi’s journey backward through time. Will is a charming college freshman from 1927 who travels forward through time. When Abbi and Will meet in the middle, love adds another complication to their lives. Communicating across time through a buried time capsule, they try to decode the mystery of their travel, find the lost baby, and plead with their champion, a kindly physics professor, to help them find each other again … even though the professor gets younger each time Abbi meets him. This page-turning story full of romance, twists, and delightful details about campus life then and now will stay with readers long after the book’s satisfying end.





Cover Page: I absolutely loved it! Look at that cover page! Its as if the MC don’t want to open her eyes because everytime she opens her eyes next morning she finds herself in a new year, a new time.




Plot: While the plot was exciting the execution was not. I liked how it was different from other time-travelling books but it was not able to convey it properly. The mystery and romance author wanted to show got mixed up.





  • “Are you going all woo woo on me?” I tease.His brow wrinkles. “I don’t understand. What is woo woo?”I laugh. “It’s believing in spirits and special powers.”

  • “Why would you have yourself tattooed?” he asks.
    “In my time we call it a tat.”



Overall: I won’t say that I just didn’t liked this book. It had it good and bad points- just  a little more of bad ones. The story had a good concept but fast-paced for my liking. The conversation between Abbi and her grandma were so silly I can’t even help myself to read them. For egs.,

“Hey, Tom? Give me a push?” she calls, and a guy with an infectious grin and red nose plows through the snow to reach her.

“Big push or baby push?” he asks.

“Give it all you’ve got,”she says, pulling her feet onto the tray.


There are more but I am trying to make as spoiler free as much I can.:)

So, read it if you want to try something new-if you like that new.




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