Guest Post|| America Deconstructed by Chaithanya Sohan and Shaima Adin



America Deconstructed by Chaithanya Sohan  and Shaima Adin

Blurb:  Naseer was nine years old when he escaped Taliban and fled Afghanistan. His story,

“There are some people who are coming to take me away”, chronicles the resilience of a

nine year old boy as he traveled from Afghanistan to America in his quest for the

American dream. “I saw a ripe mango I’d like to pluck” showcases the love story of

Chidibere and Ifeyinwa and their struggles with language, culture and being African in

America. In the story “Kosovo, really…cool”, Lisian takes us through his journey to

America and often being asked his identity in spite of being white.  In the story “I am

exotic, mocha, P-Diddy”, Parag describes his journey from a young sixth grader who hid

his attraction to boys in conservative India to embracing his sexuality in America.

America Deconstructed follows the journeys of sixteen immigrants as they maneuver

cultural differences, accents and uncomfortable situations while feeling a sense of

belonging in America.



Why you started writing or your passion:~


I have buried myself in a book since I can remember. It began when I was a child

emulating my dad who was a self-proclaimed bookaholic. Some of the books that

influenced my early days include Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and Famous Five. I

imagined a world where I was solving mysteries. I began writing when I was twelve

years old while coping with a tragedy. Words became more than a friend. I

continued writing poetry through high school. When I moved to America in 2001, I

started freelancing as a writer. Most of my freelancing gigs were writing buying

guides which were more technical than creative. The creative writer in me wanted

out. As an immigrant in America, I was often amazed at how much emphasis was

given to the laws, policies but the everyday challenges that we face are often

overlooked. As an ardent book lover who loved multicultural books, I rarely saw

books that showed the human side of immigration. I pitched the idea to my co-

author Shaima and together we decided to write this book about immigrant

experiences in America. Writing and researching this book has been extremely

gratifying to Shaima and I. We were both bowled over by the people and their

journeys. When we began this journey to publishing, we did not think we would

interview a nine-year- old boy who would escape the Taliban, or an Afghan man who

would become a celebrity in Kansas because he was an immigrant. We are

extremely humbled by the people who interviewed with us and shared their stories,

struggles, triumphs, and fears and made our book more human than we expected.

These stories need to be told, and we are crowdfunding  to tell stories like these.


Author’s Bio:~



Chaithanya Sohan immigrated to America from India in 2001. She currently works as an

Electrical Engineer in the Silicon Valley. Chaithanya graduated from San Jose State

University with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Electrical

Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Chaithanya Sohan has worked as a writer since 2002 when she started writing content

for various websites. She free-lanced as a writer until 2013 when she decided to write

her book America Deconstructed.  Some of her works are published in websites such as Chaithanya enjoys traveling and runs her own blogs &



Shaima Adin came to the United States as a refugee in May 2000 at the age of 16 with

her mother and sisters. She is originally from Afghanistan but has lived several years of

her life in Pakistan as a refugee as well.  Currently, she works in an engineering

management position at a Safety and Quality-testing laboratory in Union City, CA.

In light of recent times and all the debate about immigrants and refugees around the

world, Shaima joined forces with Chaithanya to put forth the stories of immigrants from

different backgrounds that have called America home. Her purpose in doing so is to

paint a different picture of immigrants and refugees.


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Anything else related to book:~ 


While the book is not out yet, one of the bloggers reviewed our first three chapters

and wrote the following about the book:

“Each story is different and I found it really interesting to read a story of someone who

went to America in the 80’s and how much the attitude towards immigrants has changed

over the decades.”

“In a time when immigrants are often seen as dangerous, people that should be avoided,

people who shouldn’t be accepted, this book shines a light into what their lives are

actually like. From the sample that I’ve read, I found it insightful and interesting. The

rich voices and cultures that are introduced show a different side to immigrants than is

often painted of them.”



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