Christmas Cats by R.F. Kristi


Christmas Cats by R.F. Kristi

PUblicatin Date: 17th November 2016

Blurb from Goodreads:  Another adventure story from Inca the extraordinary Siberian kitty-cat.

It is Christmas time, and Inca is ready to enjoy the holiday season with her Siamese sister Cara and brother Fromage – the cheese loving Tabby cat, not to forget their adopted hamster Charlotte.

Life turns interesting when their neighborhood tough dog – Boss comes around asking for help to save the loss of his master and domicile.

Another mystery to solve with the help of their neighbors Monk the Blue Russian cat and Polo the Pekinese doggy. An eventful time is around the corner for the newly formed detective team headed by Inca.

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Cover Page: It shows the main characters present in the book. Its super cute and go well with the theme.




Plot: Well, the plot is something like Sherlock Homes, just replacing a human being with cats, dogs, hamsters etc. The story flows really good without any plot holes. It’s a max 54 pages book with a lot of illustrations.





Christmas is a fun time! I wondered how it would be this year. Aunt Florence always spends Christmas with us. But we had been living in France and now we had moved to London and made lots of new friends. Surely this Christmas would also be enjoyable.



Overall:  I was delaying it before. But as soon as I read the first chapter I was not able to put it down before reading the whole. The descriptions are to the point. I found it cute how she describe the living of cats. Each and every character are described in a different way. I liked the description of Boss the most. He is a dog who ends every sentence with a grrr.

This book gave me a Christmas feeling while reading. The ending was super cute again. I do wish if author ever write something about humans too then it would be a great success.




Author’s Bio:~

R.F. Kristy, the author of the Inca Cat Series lives in Paris, France. She holds a doctorate in economic development and has worked for various international organization. Kristy has traveled and lived in many countries around the globe.  She is fluent in English and French.

With a deep commitment to animal rescue efforts, Kristy has a keen interest and love for animals. She created the Inca Cat Series for younger readers, up to age 8 or 12 and also pet lovers in general and to cat lovers, in particular.

Inca the Siberian kitty, the main character, exemplifies the intelligence and cunning of our feline friends and is a sure-footed and strong-willed leader. Readers will surely admire Inca’s grace and wit as they follow the detective cat’s adventures in these unexpected tales of redemption.

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**A review copy was sent by auhtor. Thank you!**

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