Moonstone(Enchantment #1) by Evelyne Contant



Moonstone (Enchantment #1) by Evelyne Contant

Publication Date : February 21st 2016

Blurb from Goodreads : Fear, love… and betrayal; that’s what I feel about my new life.
It’s a life I never asked for, at least not like that.
I certainly dreamed of adventure, of escaping from my ordinary life, but nothing prepared me for what would happen when my normal life flipped upside down.
On that fateful day, a witch, a real one, revealed to me that I’m not human! That’s right, I, Lou Mills, am an enchanter like her! It seems that I’m the key to an ancient prophecy and that I must save the world from the imminent war between humans and enchanters. What waits makes no sense; in fact, nothing seems to make sense to me since meeting her.
And then there’s this man…dark and mysterious…but so attractive. If only I could forget him. Duality is the way the Earth remains in balance, black and white, right and wrong, love and hate. What side should I fight for when the war finally breaks out? How to choose between my family…and the people who I belong to?

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Cover Page: I liked it. It held mystery. The picture of the pendant in the center is catchy, wants you to read and find out what exactly is going to happen.




Plot: The story is plot is good but not refined. I first liked the idea of all the things that was going to happen to the main character but it lost me in the first half. The mystery and the Enchantment it was not visible.





  • Life is wonderful though, and I still hold out hope that there is  a young God out there for me who will know me better than I know myself.
  • Good and evil are just a matter of perspective. They’re opposites that are separated by a fine line.




Overall: Even though I am a huge fantasy lover, this book was not for me.

I was pretty excited when author approved my request to review but–it was just not for  me. I liked the blurb but the thing is, it felt like dragged. There was too much information for my liking and I do think they’re unnecessary.

This book was originally written in French and this is its English adaptation, might be because of this it lacked at some parts? I don’t know. Even though MC was like twenty or something she felt like a middle grade. There is a scene where MC gets to know about her powers and some other revelations but she was not even stunned by her situation she just gone with the flow. I can’t exactly tell you the scene but hope you’d understand.

Overall, this book didn’t work for me but it might for you.:)




**Received the e-copy of the book from the Author in exchange of an honest review. Thank you!**


About the Author:~

I’m a french author from Québec in  Canadae. I’m a kitchen Designer but i love to share my imagination with my reader!!! Romance fantasy and paranormal are what i like to read and to write!!!

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