The Red Sun by Alane Adams



The Red Sun by Alane Adams

Publication date: August 4th, 2015

Blurb from Goodreads: After meeting a strange dwarf in his garage and finding out his substitute English teacher is a witch, twelve-year-old Sam Baron travels through a stonefire to the magical realm of Orkney where he finally learns the truth about his past: his mother is a witch and his father is a descendant of the Norse god, Odin.

“The Red Sun” is the first book in The Legends of Orkney, the spellbinding series of adventure fantasy novels by Alane Adams. It follows Sam to the realm of Orkney where witches, wraiths, and other menacing creatures cause serious peril to the unsuspecting Sam. Now, it’s up to him to save his friends and all of Orkney from a cursed red sun. Can a young witch girl named Mavery help him?

Drawing on Norse mythology, this fantastical story will enthrall middle grade and tween readers with a taste for adventure. As Sam grapples with dark and dangerous elements from his past and confronts his own simmering anger over long ago events, “The Red Sun” sears with wild imagination and breathtaking moments. Follow “The Red Sun” for the high-flying magical ride of your life. 

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Cover Page:  Its beautiful. It totally justifies with the book.




Plot: The plot was quite interesting. It was like a retelling of Norse mythology. I loved how simple yet captivating it was. It has, mystery, action, magic, and a bit of romance. The plot though moved at a fast rate. It is a fast paced book.





  • “Writing is like breathing underwater. It’s really hard to do unless you can imagine yourself a nice set of gills.” 
  • “Writing is like trying to escape quicksand. The harder you try the faster you sink.” 



Overall: When I first started reading this book I was not that much impressed. It seemed a regular one with a boy whose father abandoned them or so he thought and a mother with hidden qualities. All the things around him is not exactly how he pictured. But it became good as it progressed. Though I would say it is really a fast paced book. I mean you won’t even see bits of surprise on something’s disclosure.

The age of main character is like somewhere near fourteen. I know it’s common to have  a main character of this age but I was still hoping for him to be at least sixteen? But who cares! We’ve Harry potter as an example when age matters.:)

I would highly recommend this book. As the book says,’ Percy Jackson meets Norse mythology in this captivating adventure by Forwarded Reviews.’



**Received this book in exchange of an honest review from the author. Thank you!**

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