White Noise by Shruti Upadhaya



White Noise by Shruti Upadhaya

Publication Date: June 21st 2017

Blurb from Goodreads:  “There is another city right under our city and it comes up only when you and I are together. Only you and I know about it and only you and I get to experience it. It keeps itself hidden from the rest of the world. And that is where I live.” He said 
“And what happens when you’re not with me?” She asked. 
“I evaporate.” He smiled. 

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Cover page: In the cover page, you’ll see only the eyes of the lady is shown well when you’ll read the book you’ll know what importance it holds here. It is simply beautiful.




Plot: I was not hoping for such a plot. It was marvellous to say. It had mystery, and lots and lots of heartbreak. It is written based on metal health issues, lack of self-esteem, insecurities etc. It is a package of all the heartful of emotions a human being goes through.





  • I am only a human.
    I plot. I scheme. I believe my own lies.
    I err. I sin. I look the other way even if something inside me dies.                             I get away with almost everything.                                                                                  Why?                                                                                                                         Because I am only a human.
  • Only fools listen to their hearts. Only fools get attached. We wanderers get in and get out just in time.
  • We are nothing without them, our scars and our blemishes. Take away our delusional smiles if you must, snatch away our illusory happiness if you must, but please leave us our flaws for we do not wish to exist without them.
  • Nothing quite matches the devastation of seeing the fruits of your half-baked aspirations not only get plucked before their time but also decay in the most languishing, the most degenerate manner.



Overall: I loved reading this more than I thought I would. It is truly a masterpiece.

Author’s writing reminded me of a little bit John Green’s though I shouldn’t as I don’t like his books. 😛 This book is written in three parts with three different POVs. Each POV tells the same story but with different emotions.

I liked how author wrote only what was needed not going into unnecessary details. The book deals with mental health and some seriuos issues and loved how author wrote them. It was as if these problems are a blessings too.

I kinda knew by reading the blurb as to what would happen but didn’t knew it would happen like this and end like this. No, I didn’t predicted the ending just the flow. Ans Wow, ending was a super drastic change in the plot. I never imagined it like that.

So, I am not going to tell you any further but would only recommend this book to you all.





**Recieved this book in exchange of an honest review from the publishers. Thank you!:)**

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