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Secret In Ice by Atlanta Bushnell

Publication Date: August 12th 2017

Blurb from Goodreads:  The Shewolf. 
Half wolf, half human. 
All monster. 

Prince Torin has travelled to the frozen kingdom of Klemenite to negotiate an alliance against the Erifs. More importantly to secure the use of the ice cannons. But the Klemenite King wants a favour in return. 

The head of the Shewolf. 

The King wants Torin to kill the Shewolf, leader of the mysterious Wolf Clan. Legend says they are bloodthirsty killers, beasts of the forest. All who enter their domain are never heard from again. 

So along with his friends, Torin ventures straight into the heart of the forest, determined to lay this myth to rest one way or another.


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Cover Page: Again, I’m not a fan of the cover page.




Plot:  The whole plot is like an intriguing web, trapping the reader and not releasing until you finish it. I already admire author’s work as she knows how to keep a reader engaging and on the thin thread.





  • They saw a glimmer of light, the first streak of dawn across the sky following the darkest of nights. 
  • The place of a long forgotten story                                                                                      That has been lost in the darkness of night,                                                                    But the ones who are destined for glory                                                                         Shall soon be revealed in the light.



Overall:  Even though the writing is simple it still didn’t lose its charm. Not always the heavy loaded words are needed to express ourselves. It was easy to understand and conveying.

The plot progressed so much from the first book in the series. I must say I didn’t expect for her to use the concept of werewolves in such a twisted way. It’s not everyday to read about werewolves when the storyline is not related to the ‘mates’.

Overall, the book is a fabulous addition to the series that I would say you shouldn’t miss.



**Recieved a copy from Author in exchange of an honest review.**


About the Author:~

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Hi, I’m Atlanta Bushnell!

I live in a seaside suburb in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Education at university to be a primary school teacher, so I divide my time between studying for my course and writing my novels, which means at times I have to write late at night and sometimes even into the early hours of the morning. Any spare time I have left over I usually spend with friends and family who are a constant inspiration and encouragement. Any other spare time I have I leave for my music, drawings and of course a good book.

The Fire Song Chronicles is available now!

Book 1: Rise of the Erifs
Book 2: Secrets in the Ice

I’m currently writing the third book in the series.

Follow us on Instagram @atlantabushnellbooks for more information and updates



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